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Man Drags Cr-ash Vi-ctim Out Of Bu-rning Car In Massachusetts – Video

We sometimes happen to come across stories that are sure to touch our hearts and help us believe in humanity.

Image credit: Harold Greer

Here is one such story of a man who helped a stranger by pulling him out of a car after the driver had dozed off while driving.

Image credit: Harold Greer

Greg Bushell was on his routine to work when he saw the car cr-ash. He didn’t know what to do but knew he had to do something to help the man. Greg immediately ran across the highway and managed to pull the driver by his arm as the car went up in flames.

Image credit: Harold Greer

Greg said that the driver told him that he had only one good arm and although he knew dra-ging him out wasn’t appropriate, he had no other option to save the man’s life.

Image credit: ABC13

He also said that the driver was affected b-dly that he wouldn’t have been able to save himself. Another bystander managed to rescue the other passenger in the car.

Image credit: WMBF News

Meanwhile, the driver’s girlfriend admitted that he had dozed off in the back seat which resulted in the mis-ap.

However, since the story went viral, people have been appreciating Greg for his heroic act.



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