Man Sees Officer Who Put Him In Pr-ison At BBQ, Approaches Without Warning To Repay Him – Video


A touching exchange between a Texas City officer and a guy he caught eight years ago was captured on camera and has gone viral on social media. Senior Patrolman Salvador “Sal” Chapa said he was at a barbeque cook-off when a man approached him and said “thank you” without warning. After that, the guy requested to pray with the officer.

Chapa said that he had detained the individual, whom he recognized as Doc Amey, on a heater offense eight years ago. Amey was found guilty of the misdeed and was sentenced.

Image Credit: Opposing Views

Amey apparently sought guidance from God and the Bible to reform his life while in custody. He returned to college after his discharge and continued to study the Bible. The vicious charge on officer recently prompted Amey to re-connect with Chapa, who had seen him around town a few times before. Chapa reported that Amey escorted him away from the crowd and that both men prayed for the cops’ safety together. Another man at the BBQ took a picture of the two men and posted it on the internet.

Image Credit: Opposing Views

Part of his caption read: “More of this should be seen in the United States. Race should not be a factor, and here is living proof that colour is irrelevant. This is an excellent example. ALL LIVES MATTER IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UNDER GOD! I will pray for your brother, and I will pray for you. Keep on your way, brother, and thank you for praying for my brother.” On Social media, the post was shared over 10,000 times. Chapa expressed his support for Amey’s activities as well as the public’s response to the photos.

Image Credit: Opposing Views

“I was surprised after seeing the image being shared and all, but I was also relieved that it occurred. I hope that everyone sees it sees officer in a new light. We’re here to assist everyone “he stated.


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