Meet Little Black Geniuses With The Highest IQs Ever In The World – Video


The world has witnessed the intelligence of several great geniuses over the past decades. Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein are few among the famous geniuses. Now, with today’s generation of thinkers would a new genius add up to the list of the well–known brains? Children must have an excellent memory to learn and recognize new things.

They must be capable of acquiring and remembering information both at home and in school. According to Tracy Packiam Alloway, an author and a psychologist, “working memory is not only linked with learning from school on colleges, but it also depends on making decisions in everyday activities.”

With that, the IQs of many different children are identified with the help of Mensa, the world’s oldest and largest IQ society. It is a non-profit organization open to all who secures 98% or more on a standardized IQ test. Every kid can participate in the test, in particular, the African American kids are not left out. According to the organization, these are the Black kids with the highest IQs. The organization provided a venue in more than 100 nations across the world for intelligent decisions between its members.

Wilfred Ramarni

Image Credit: Mirror

Ramarni is a British teenager whose IQ is higher than Einstein, Hawking, and Bill Gates. He scored 162 on his intelligent quotient exam. At the age of 10 Ramarni produces a paper on the topic of fairness and his outstanding easy score led him to take an IQ test at Birbeck University. The 16-year-old teenager is one of the world’s 50 smartest teenagers. He was accepted into Mensa and he desires to study astrophysics at Oxford University.

Anala Beevers

Image Credit: AQL

When Anala Beavers was just 4 years old she had an IQ of over 145.

The New Orleans native began to recognize letters when she was just 10 months old. And when she was 18 months old she would recite numbers in both English and Spanish and at the age of five in 2014, she recalled the names of all states in North America with their capitals. According to the Daily Mail, her current obsession is with the names of dinosaurs and planets.

Alannah George

Image Credit: SWNS

Alannah George becomes the UK’s second-youngest Mensa member with an IQ of 140 at the age of 4.

She was so obsessed with numbers and words, she even taught herself to read before starting her schooling. She is a student from Iver, Buckinghamshire, when kids of her age sing the nursery rhymes she would recite the alphabets and numbers,


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