Michael Ealy Wanted To Pu-nch Chris Rock Before Will Smith, Claims Chris Was Disrespectful To Him On Set Of ‘Bad Company’


Michael Ealy, born Michael Brown, is a dreamy American actor who won millions of hearts through his career as an actor and his dashing looks. He got his first role on Broadway and then went on to star in Barbershop before landing a role in 2 fast 2 furious that’s where he started getting recognized, and today he has been getting several offers.

Another movie Ealy did was Think Like A Man.

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The movie was filmed by Tim Story, whom Ealy always had good to speak about. The movie was made with a budget of $12 million but ended up making $90 million and also made a sequel named Think Like A Man Too. Ealy said that working with the same cast twice was a great experience and that he had lots of fun on the set. But Ealy wouldn’t say the same about his filming experience while filming for Bad Company with Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins. Ealy played the role of G-Mo. It was produced by Bruckheimer and directed by Joel Schumacher.

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Bad Company also happens to be the last major film that was filmed inside the World Trade Center before the September 11 charge. Ealy spoke about how he used to admire Chris and watched all his stuff. However, Chris looked down on Ealy and treated him differently. Ealy used to work as a waiter to make ends meet because his acting career was yet to take off. He was filming a scene in the movie where he had to play Chris’s best man, and Kerry Washington would play his bride-to-be.

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That’s when Chris passed a comment making fun of Ealy’s day job and said that he was “still in business.” Kerry Washington came to Ealy’s defence and told Chris that he shouldn’t have said that. Ealy said that he wanted to smack Chris on his face, but he didn’t. At the moment, I wanted to punch him in the face. That was my Maryland upbringing coming into play where you just brawl.” He then broke down and cried because of Chris’s comments. Today Ealy has managed to create his mark in the industry and has many successful films to his credit.

His next film The Devil You Know, is all set to be released this year.

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