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Rare Biracial Twins And “Nobody Believes They’re Twins” See How They Looks Today. Mom Hopes Rare Biracial Twins Encourage People To ‘Love Everyone Equal’ – Video

These lovely twins from Quincy, Illinois, have gone viral after proving that twins don’t have to look similar. Mixed-race couples have a one in 500 chance of producing children with varied skin tones according to the BBC.

The multiracial twins, Kalani and Jarani Dean, who beat medical odds at nine months old, are biracial twins who take after each of their parents’ skin colors. Jarani is descended from her African-American father Tomas while Kalani is descended from her Caucasian mother, Whitney.

After Whitney uploaded a photo of the two cute tots on her social media page with the message “We’re chromosome twins,” the internet went crazy. Jarani (on the right) is the darker one with brown eyes, while Kalani (on the left) is the lighter one with blue eyes.

These nine-month-old twins have gone viral on social media for being unidentical which is not so common

The girls were born in Illinois, United States of America, to an African American father and a Caucasian mother

Children born to interracial marriages have a one in 500 chance of having diverse skin tones

Their mother, Whitney, shared a photo of the baby twins on her social media page, which went viral

“We have identical chromosomes… This is so uncommon but awesome at the same time

Nobody thinks they’re twins, so we’ll have to wait and see what shenanigans the ladies will perform as they grow up!



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