Mom Who Hasn’t Heard From Daughter In 72 Hours Shows Up At Her College To Publicly Confront Her – Video


A mother who didn’t talk for several days with her daughter after sending her to college whirled by campus to convey what can only be explained as a lost person handbill in a humorous viral clip. Nicole Walters, 32, from Maryland is a mom of three daughters (ages 6, 15, and 18) at that time she sent her eldest daughter off to a nearby college.

Nicole and her husband had plans with their undergraduate daughter. Unfortunately, she didn’t answer their texts and phone calls, so her parents decided to visit her.

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Walters recorded the consequences of the visit and uploaded it on social media, and soon it crossed 3.6 million views with 53,000 likes and 14,000 comments. She wrote: “Bless her heart,” “She thought she could dip off and go missing for three days. No, you won’t. What you’re not fit to do, while I pay tuition, is to disappear for three days.” Walters described that her daughter initially texted them after her first day of classes, at 2 a.m.: “Oh no, sorry, I was just out late.”

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Walters says in the video: “Out late doing what? Out late doing what? ‘Cause, the campus bookstore is closed and the library is not open 24 hours.” During their sudden visit, the parents also brought some fruits for her: “Here are some bananas because potassium is important,” Walters jokes and a handbill with their daughter’s pictures reads: “Is my kid being irresponsible? Tweet @NapturalNicole photo proof and get a $10 Starbucks gift card and a free pizza.” She also warned to print 500 copies and circulate them on the campus if her daughter disappears again.

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They said: “We’re not playing. There are 35 Kinkos between my house and your school.” Walters also said: “I pay for you to get a degree. Life is coming no matter what. You will not learn independence on my dime.” Her supporters commented “Mom’s goal for real.

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I would have shown up after the first day and asked my daughter who she thinks she is” and “Whew, she’s no joke! Bet she’ll focus and earn that degree.” Another person commented: “This was absolutely great!!! It is everything we feel when our kids go MIA.”

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According to Yahoo Beauty, Walters said, “I have a pretty structured way of parenting, but what you saw in the video was everyone’s mom in their wretched moment.” She added, “I adopted my daughters a few years ago and they didn’t have support, so they’re not used to adults who are consistently present. I want them to know that ‘out of sight’ doesn’t mean ‘out of mind.’”

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The mother also says that visiting your child’s college is vital: “We wanted to reset our daughter’s intentions and remind her that her past doesn’t have to dictate her future.” However, their college visit was not a surprise for the undergraduate as she was standing behind the camera laughing while she recorded.

“Some parents may disagree, but we are confident in our parenting,” says Walters. “Excellence is a priority.”


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