Mom’s Secret Recording Catches Kindergarten Teacher Calling Her 5-Year-Old Son A ‘Loser’ – Video


A Florida mother claims she secretly filmed her son’s kindergarten teacher calling him a “loser” and oppressing him in front of the classmates because he couldn’t bubble in a test. Last fall, Kandy Escotto put the microphone in her five-year-old son Aaron’s backpack after his grades began to slip and he complained about school.

Escotto was enraged by what she heard on the tape recorder. She told the Miami Herald that a Banyan Elementary School teacher ridiculed her son and another student, labeling them both “losers.”

Aaron was also chastised by the teacher for not knowing how to fill in the blanks on a test. ‘No. That isn’t bubbling at all. Are you familiar with the term “bubble”? What is it that is bubbling? According to WSVN, she said, “One is to circle, and the other is to bubble.” ‘If you know how to bubble, raise your hand.’ Aaron has no idea.’ In another segment of the tape, the teacher tells Aaron that his mom is driving her insane. ‘I’m sad for your mother. I truly believe that. ‘She’s a little lost,’ she said to the boy.

‘It was for me to hear what she was saying to him,’ Escotto said to the Herald. ‘She singled him out, ridiculed him in front of the entire class,’ she said. She mentioned me in front of him. That is something that no five-year-old should have to go through. That had an impact on my family, and it had an impact on him.’ Escotto, who also has a 10-year-old girl at the school, captured 32 hours of audio over the course of four days in October. Aaron was so upset in one of the videos, she added, that he didn’t want to participate in class any longer.

The teacher replied, ‘I don’t care, don’t do it.’ ‘Do you think I give a damn? You tell me what your mother wants to see, whether she wishes to see a nice job or a loser’s work.’ Rosalba Suarez, a teacher at Banyan Elementary School since 1985, was recognised by the Miami Herald. She was honored with the title of teacher of the year. Escotto reported about the claimed oppression to the school’s principal, but she was informed she required evidence.

She ultimately had her kid switched to a different class, and she is considering enrolling her son and daughter in a different school in the autumn. ‘It was quite sad since I personally overheard what was said to the child,’ Escotto added. Escotto has engaged a lawyer, but she is undecided about filing a legal case. She does, however, desire that the schoolteacher be punished. In a statement, a county spokesperson said the district was investigating the claims and will take “necessary legal measures.”

Not only among our kids, but also among our personnel, Miami-Dade County Public Schools goes to considerable measures to establish a culture of dignity and respect.’ Jackie Calzadilla, a representative for the company, said ‘We work hard to assure the safety and well-being of every kid entrusted to us. Any behavior that is incompatible with the principles we promote in our school community will be punished. The district will conduct a comprehensive investigation into this incident, and if the charges are proven, we will pursue the necessary disciplinary proceedings.’


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