Mom’s Unique Punishment For 13-Year-Old Son Who Got Suspended Goes Viral – Video


When Demetrius Payne saw a missed call from her son’s junior high school, she knew something was not right. With a sigh, the single mom of four, from Shreveport, Louisiana, called back. A school official informed her that her 13-year-old son Jadarien was suspended for three days for talking back to his teacher.

She was asked to pick him up right away. Payne asked if it was possible for an in-school suspension but because he had been caught for something else in the past, he had to leave.

Image credit: facebook/Demetris Payne

As soon as they got home, Payne took away her son’s cellphone and video games. She left him with her 70-year-old father, who lives with them. Payne said, “When I got home from work, he’s eating strawberries and having fun with my dad. I was like, ‘oh no,’ it was like a vacation.” That was when Payne knew she had to do something more. So, she handed him a rake and asked him to start cleaning up the yard.

Image credit: facebook/Demetris Payne

When he was finished, she told him that he would be volunteering his lawn care services free of charge for people in need during the remainder of his time away from school. She then posted a photo of Jadarien on social media with the heading, “Yard Service -FREE,” explaining that he was put away from school and so he would mow lawns, pick up trash or wash cars for members of the community over the next three days.

Image credit: facebook/Demetris Payne

Within hours, she got a request from several residents taking her up on the offer. So, she drove her son from house to house and watched him work. When he was done working, Payne took him to the library, where he spent the rest of his day reading and completing homework assignments.

Image credit: facebook/Demetris Payne

Finally, Jadarien was happy to head back to school. His classmates and teachers said that they saw him on social media but, he just laughed it off. Payne then sat down with her son’s teachers to help come up with a plan to keep him on track. However, she’s confident her son learned his lesson. Hundreds of people have shared Payne’s social media post and praised her for her unique approach to discipline. “Beautiful idea! Parenting done right,” commented one social media user. Payne said she hopes other kids also learned something from her son’s experience.


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