Move Over Mama! Serena Williams’ 4-Year-Old Daughter Is Already A Force To Be Reckoned With On The Tennis Court – Video


Alexis Ohanian Jr. has been winning hearts with her practice videos on the tennis court. Serena William and Alexis Ohanian’s four-year-old girl isn’t just an average cutie pie, she catches the bounced ball with her racket every time. Her practice video was shared by her parents on their Instagram account. She was seen displaying backhand swing on a tennis court.

The video was captioned as “Practice makes progress” and I’m sure everyone would agree Alexis Ohanian Jr. is shaping up her moves steadily. The little girl’s swing is nearly perfect and not to forget she has achieved this at the age of 4.

It is obvious that the little girl Alexis Ohanian Jr. loves Tennis. She takes after her mom Serena Williams who has spent most of her life scoring on the tennis court. She has won 4 Olympic gold medals, 23 grand slam singles titles, and was ranked No.1 in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). With all these successful tennis careers of Serena William, it is evident that little Alexis Ohanian Jr. is attracted to tennis when she came out of the womb.

Apart from that, the little star has reached nearly 633,000 followers on Instagram. She is walking along her mother’s path of success. During her spare time, Alexis Ohanian Jr. battles with her mom using LED toy. Other than that she highlights our feeds with her lovely videos and pictures. She often shares her cute tours like zoo adventures, beach days, and travels around the world.

The little girl is sure to achieve heights in the future, as of now watching her grow and cheering for her little adventures is a pleasure. Although she isn’t an average kid, everyone is happy to watch her playful videos enjoying her childhood.


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