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Nicki Minaj Says She’ll Pay Off Fans’ College Tuition If They Have Good Grades, And Here’s How People Reacted – Video

Do you require assistance with paying your college tuition or student loans? Nicki Minaj can assist you! Seriously. As the Grammy winner posted on Twitter that she would pay travel expenses for contest winners (so they can spend time with her at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas) a US student commented, “Well, you want to pay my tuition fee?” Nicki accepted the offer and extended it to all her fans!

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When a fan inquired whether the “Chun-Li” rapper would fund her college fees, the artist’s new initiative was born.

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According to Billboard, Minaj released a list of students’ names along with the total amount of their debts, school fees, and summer programmes she had paid off on Instagram not long after.

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The only impediment was that Minaj required proof of 4.0 GPAs as well as affirmation from their colleges.

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The rapper assisted 30 current and past students with their college fees, student debt, and other education-related expenditures during the evening. In addition, she promised to listen to further fan requests in a couple of months!

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In the comment the rapper, also stated that she will be starting an official scholarship fund for future entries.

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The rapper-singer founded the Student of the Game charity to further support the cause.



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