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Nigerian Bread Seller Accidentally Photobombs Popstar And Gets Modeling Contract – Video

People believe fairytales are only for children, yet when they occur in actual life, everyone is touched. Tinie Tempah, an English artist, and Ty Bello, a photographer and singer, were just performing a photograph session in Nigeria when a bread vendor coincidentally photobombed them. What’s the catch? Bello was charmed by the photoshot which was absolutely stunning.

Image credit: TY BELLO

Bello, however, didn’t seem to notice the interloper at first. “The moment didn’t appear to be very memorable,” she remarked on Instagram. “She was more than a bit perplexed as she stood there. “I made a mistake by paying her so little attention.

Image credit: TY BELLO

“Every single picture with her in it was beautiful.” After the session, Bello was captivated by the appearance of Orisaguna and decided to make an Instagram plea for information about the mysterious stranger who drew attention away from the pop artist.

Image credit: TY BELLO

“Can you tell me who she is?” Bello penned the piece. “Everyone is wondering if this woman is a model… It was beautiful synchronicity… While I was photographing her, she happened to be strolling by. It all occurred so quickly. “She has all the makings of a model.” If she’s interested, I’d be happy to assist her in expanding her portfolio.

Image credit: TY BELLO

“She’s stunning and well-photographed.” I’ll figure out a method to track her down. You can also assist.” Bello released her first photoshoot with Orisaguna, which was featured on the cover of Nigerian magazine ‘This Day Style’, just a few days after she said she had been fortunate in her search for the bread vendor.

Image credit: TY BELLO

“This made me cry,” Bello wrote. “She is a very gifted woman with an incredible tale to tell. “I almost can’t believe what I’m hearing.” Orisaguna also appeared with her 14-month-old daughter Grace. “Her voyage to Lagos,” Bello said Orisaguna had described with her.

“A hairdresser from Ire in Osun state, but she and her husband, a sliding door technician from the same town, don’t make enough money to care for their two small children,” Bello wrote. “She moved to Lagos with her 14-month-old daughter to attempt loaf hawking at the request of a close aunt who knew somebody who ran a bakery, leaving her husband and elder five-year-old behind.”

“As I listened to her, I wondered whether the elegance I’d seen on my computer screen while editing my photo was a fluke… until she smiled. I realized I was mistaken. I had, in fact, misjudged this 27-year-old woman’s magnificence. “When she giggled, it was her eyes and, of course, her superbly sculpted features that leapt out at you. This person has a right to be in front of my camera.”

“I decided to photograph her that afternoon following a chat with her hubby in which I told him the backstory of our interaction,” Bello added.

“Bimpe Onakoya, one of Nigeria’s top beauticians, and Zubby, one of my favourite hairstylists, arrived at my office within an hour to perform their wonders.

“They’d both been following the tale online and were eager to give it their all for her. “With her curly extensions out, Olajumoke displayed a short natural Afro that hugged her face elegantly. @Bimpeonakoya had also opted to keep her make-up to a bare minimum. “She walked right in front of my camera, and I almost didn’t recognize her.” She also moved differently. Jumoke stared right into my lens as if she’d been doing this her whole life. “I knew we’d discovered a star when I saw it.”



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