Note These Top 12 Signs If Your Partner Is Cheating On You


Not every relationship is a fairy tale, or even if it is, it will not necessarily last forever. You might not figure out what is going on in your partner’s mind. If they actually love you or they are just pretending to do so. You might not know if your match was about to take a stepside on you.

If you’re answering ‘yes’ to more than six things on this list it’s definitely time for a second thought about your relationship.

1. Emotional separation

You feel the unknown separation between you and your partner. You no longer feel the same emotional connection that you used to feel with your partner earlier. Things are just off in your relationship.

2. They force you to be with other people instead

It’s a blessing that your partner encourages you to spend your time with friends and understands your personal space. But it’s also quite alarming to have a partner who doesn’t care about you spending time not with him-her but with friends.

3. They start keeping you aside

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When you are in a serious relationship for quite a long time, you often develop some kind of routine between you and your partner. But, when that daily routine between you two starts changing, and you realize that your partner is not spending time with you, then you should know what is coming up next.

4. Act very secretively

They do not really tell you about what they were doing while you were not present with them. They act very secretively. Their stories don’t seem to hold the truth. If you really know your partner you will get the sense that they don’t open up too much.

5. Avoiding phone calls when with you

You might have noticed that when they are with you, they avoid picking up calls in front of you. If it’s an important call, why should they be sc-ared to pick it up right in front of you? But if it’s a random call from somebody you doubt they won’t be able to take it with you there.

6. No more love talks of feelings and emotions

A relationship is all about sharing your pure feelings and emotions with your partner. So, if your partner has stopped doing that, they are sc-ared that if they do, they might get caught lying.

7. Presence of a strange sense of anxiety, whenever you’re together

There is a presence of strange tension and a sense of anxiety when you’re with them, as there is some sort of suspension in your head. They are aware that one small slip-up could lead to a huge argument.

8. They often react to your flaws

They start to point out the negative features of your personality. It means that they are more focused on your flaws, not on your strength. They more often target to hurt your ego and to show you that you are not self-worth.

9. They spend more time with a new “best friend”

Of Course, they can have best friends of the opposite gender. But that doesn’t mean that they will start spending more of their time together than they do on you.

10. They drastically make changes in their appearance

Drastically, they change the way they appear. It signifies the dramatic changes in how they feel about you and the relationship.

11. Your gut signals that something is wrong

You know your partner, you have seen him/her doing unusual things, your heart will ultimately tell you that something is fishy. That is why, if your intuition tells you that something is wrong, then you must act on it.

12. You feel like you are important to them

You don’t feel the same as you used to feel. They no longer make you feel that you are important to them in their lives.


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