Petition Is Launched To Replace Amber Heard With Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camille Vasquez In ‘Aquaman’


Followers of Johnny Depp are not only lobbying to have Amber Heard removed from Aquaman 2; they also want Depp’s attorney to replace her. Depp’s tenacious lawyer Camille Vasquez was one of the emerging stars of Depp and Heard’s high-profile legal trial, which ended last Friday after weeks of headline-making courtroom drama.

After firmly grilling Heard in the witness box, the lawyer became a fan favourite among Depp’s followers.

And now that the trial is done, it’s evident that Vazquez supporters don’t want this to be the last time they see him on TV. People adore the attorney to the point where they think she must try her hand at acting. On, a movement has been started to have Camille Vazquez replace Amber Heard as Queen Mera in the forthcoming superhero movie Aquaman and the Los Kingdom.

“Although Amber is a ‘trustworthy’ performer who has proven it on several instances, not just in movies or ‘maybe’ on the stand, “This will be an amazing hit of a film if Camille is half the performer she is as a lawyer,” the petition claims.

This isn’t the first time Depp’s fans have called for Heard’s role in Aquaman to be eliminated amidst the celebrity exes’ defamation case. Over 4 million people have signed a petition to have her eliminated from the sequel.


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