Post Office Employee Finds 2 Missing Children In 2 Weeks During Mail Route: ‘I Love My Job!’ – Video


Chyanne Thomas has only been a postal worker for approximately a year at the Vista Post Office in San Diego County, but in that time she has discovered two missing children. Abbey Motzer, a 15-year-old girl, was reported missing and Thomas noticed a girl who matched her description. Motzer had gone missing without her shoes, phone, or money, prompting a volunteer search team of more than 80 individuals to look for her.

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Thomas drove up alongside the young woman and changed the situation: she asked the young woman for assistance, hoping to keep her involved so she wouldn’t flee. “I worked with youngsters on the spectrum and have expertise in behavioral health,” Thomas told Fox 5. “It gave me the confidence to know what to do in a cr-isis.” To alert the authorities, she dialed 911. Motzer appeared to be dehydrated, but generally healthy.


The National Association of Letter Carriers awarded Thomas a pin and a plaque for her bravery. Despite this, she does not consider herself a hero, believing that she was simply at the right spot at the right time. As a postal worker, she claims that being a community observer enabled her to tune into her surroundings and identify when something was amiss.

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When asked if she would consider returning to working with kids because she clearly has a talent for it, Thomas answers she has no intentions to do so anytime in the near future. Thomas informed Fox 5 that he enjoys his job at the post office.

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“If a youngster was in need again, I would step in.” Wow! Thomas not only has a big heart, but she also understood precisely what to do when she came upon these orphaned children. She is a true hero!


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