Privacy Policy

Celbmag is an unbiased, impartial news organisation that strives to act in the interest of the public and its readers.

Our sole intention is to deliver high quality news that will either educate, inform and/or entertain our readers.

We work independently from any government or political-related organisation. Our content is not reliant on any outside funding, thus giving our writers creative freedom. Celbmag always strives for journalistic integrity.

We regularly review our editorial guidelines, ensuring we maintain our standards and integrity at all times.

By publishing our guidelines here, we afford our readers full transparency.

  1. Celbmag is committed to deliver the highest editorial standards and we will always maintain and aspire to improve the standard our readers are used to seeing.
  2. Our core objective is to operate in the public’s interest by reporting on stories that are of importance and/or interest to our audience.
  3. We aim for the highest reporting standards to provide coverage that is fair and accurate at all times. Our expertise provides professional judgment with clear analysis.
  4. We remain unbiased and reflect the views and opinions of our readers to ensure our articles reflect a wide diversity of opinion where no significant strand of thought is either under-represented or completely omitted.
  5. Celbmag prevents people from being purposefully misled by the statements or actions of individuals or organisations.
  6. Celbmag will avoid conflict of interest wherever and whenever possible. A disclaimer will be added where content is published where a conflict of interest might exist.

Fact Checking Policy

Celbmag prides itself in ensuring the editorial team not only gets the facts right but weighs up relevant opinions as well as gets a clear understanding of the truth.

Celbmag must never knowingly reproduce, distribute, or encourage the spreading of false news through:

  • Disinformation: Information that is clearly false and created with the purpose of harming a person, social group, organisation, or country.
  • Misinformation: Information that is false but not intentionally created to harm anyone.
  • Mal-information: Information that, while based on reality, is used to purposefully inflict harm on a person, social group, organisation, or country.

Unnamed Sources Policy

  1. Where possible, Celbmag will always include the name of sources for the information we publish.
  2. Celbmag will provide attribution through names, links, and other means to inform the reader about the source of information used in an article.
  3. While Celbmag prefers not to use confidential sources, we may still use them where the information is deemed credible, important to the readers and where it may negatively impact the livelihood of the source.
  4. Editors will protect the identity of confidential sources.
  5. Editors will also adhere to the law related to the legal rights of the editor (reporter) and the confidential source.
  6. Where exclusive news has been aggregated, a link to the primary source of information will be placed in the article.

Actionable Feedback Policy

Celbmag is willing to acknowledge mistakes when they are made and we strive to learn from those.

If you have a suggestion, criticism, complaint or compliment, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.