Rare Video Of Whitney And NE Singing At Bobby’s Mom’s Fu-neral Just Before Whitney D-ied – Video


A heartwarming rare video of Bobby Brown’s ex-wife Whitney Houston paying her tribute to his mother Carole Brown has been going viral. In the video, Whitney can be seen telling that Ms. Carole would be her mother-in-law forever. She didn’t seem to be bothered about Bobby’s wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown’s presence during the occasion.

After Bobby’s biopic titled Bobby Brown Story was released on Twitter, people were talking about the emotional scene in the movie.

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Recently the footage of Whitney singing ‘precious Lord’ at her ‘forever mother-in-law’s burying has been going viral. Whitney was later joined by John Gill for a rendition of ‘Never Would Have Made It.’ Ms. Carole would have been so proud of her ‘forever daughter-in-law.’ While that video of Whitney was beautiful and heartwarming, she lost her life a year after that incident.

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Bobby lost his parents and former wife within two years. After that, Bobby struggled to cope with the loss of his close ones and got back to being an inebriating after seven years. He was put in re-hab even before that. In between all this, he lost his daughter Bobby Kristina Brown followed by his son Bobby Brown Jr. That put him back in the same position. Once again Bobby was put back in rehabilitation for substance misuse.

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He has been trying his best to move past the loss of his loved ones, and one needs to respect Bobby for how he pass out with the losses. By sharing his story with the world through his biopic, he has inspired many people and also taught people to not repeat the mistakes he made.


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