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Rodney Smith Spies On 93-Yr-Old’s Routine: Runs Out When She Leaves Home And Creates Headlines Around The World. – Video

Many people dream of retirement days, no work, no rush. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your little pending dreams like gardening, traveling, spending time with the grandchildren. However, older people with health issues didn’t have enough energy and required a bit of assistance from others and therefore their children sent them to retirement homes.

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Unlike many others, this 93-years-old woman from Alabama, USA resisted leaving her home. Regardless of her age, she has good amounts of energy and is able to complete her work on her own. However, she was unaware that two neighboring men had been watching her every move for a while. One day as the senior lady went out to chop down her lawn, the men saw their chance and approached her. Rodney Smith Jr. and his best friend Terrence Stroy had a plan.

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According to them, any elderly person should not work so hard like chopping grass, so they decided to offer to do it for her instead. Both of them patiently waited for the senior citizen to leave her home the next time she wanted to chop the lawn.

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Later, both of them explained their intentions on social media: “We did this sweet lady’s lawn today. She is 93, the neighbors told us that she was out there trying to cut her own lawn ?” Terrence wrote, “Have no fear, raising men lawn care is going to make sure her lawn is done every two weeks! Making a difference in our community!”

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While the elderly lady prefers not to disclose her name, she is incredibly thankful for the young mens’ help.

Both young men are university students, and know the real meaning of education. However, regardless of their busy schedule at university, they managed to find time to launch an organization called, Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

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It helps the elderly and other vulnerable members of their community chop their lawns, for completely free. Rodney said, “It came to me, I should do something about it. That’s when I decided to cut free lawns for elderly, disabled and single parent mothers for free.”

Image credit: Facebook / raisingmenlawncarehsv

However for Rodney, the real purpose is not just to chop down the grasses for free.

It is to make this program successful that other young people can become more responsible for their society. Rodney and Terrence are such amazing young men who did so much to the society they live in. Rodney and Terrence allow kids and young people into their program. Scroll down to know more about Rodney and his project below:



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