Schoolboys Keep California Woman From Ju-mping Off Bridge – Video


On Thursday a 47-year-old Fresno woman was about to end her life by ju-mping off a bridge. Fortunately, the boys from Kepler school seemed to have retained her from jumping. The group of boys belong to the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and they were part of the Kepler School Volley team.

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They witness a woman hanging from the Tuolumne Street Bridge while they were jogging. She was about to fall to the railroad track below that was nearly 100 feet.

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On seeing the woman about to ju-mp, the boys sh-outed and it appeared to be a factor in changing her mind. When the woman was climbing over the edge of the Stanislaus street Bridge, the members of the Kepler school volleyball team were jogging over the Tuolumne Street Bridge.

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One of the boys, Brandy Ezell, said, “she seemed like, one hand and feet were hanging already.” The boys rushed to tell their coach Elliot Murray. All the 12 boys started sc-reaming ‘call 911’, ‘call 911’ said Murray.

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When Murray reached there he saw the woman hanging from the bridge just over the railroad tracks. He immediately called 911 and told the boys to sh-out and yell at the woman. Murray said, “I told the boys, ‘do anything you can, chant, yell, say ‘Stop your life is worth it,’ and they kept on saying.” One of the boys Elijah Gomez said, “We went up there and stayed for like ten minutes, trying to distract her.”

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Finally, the woman pulled herself up safely and the po-lice arrived.

Lt. Mark Hudson of the Fresno Department said, “We approached her and found that she was in emotional distress and was trying to end her life, for nearly 72 hours she was put on a mental health evaluation to be examined by the mental health workers,” Alter it was identified that the woman is a 47-year-old Hispanic female. Elliot Murray, the coach believes that if the boys were not there the woman have not pulled herself up.

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“On hearing the boys sh-out, she took a glance at them and she can’t do this in front of them.” Student Joshua Velasquez says he and others helped save her life. He said, “we distracted her long enough.” We don’t know the reason why the woman wanted to ju-mp off the bridge, and we are not sure if it was the boys who stopped her but it was an emotional incident in the young boy’s life.


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