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She Gave Birth To 3 Of Her Own Grandchildren So Her Daughter Could Be A Mom – Video

A mother has uncovered how she made the remarkable decision at 55 to keep three of her daughter’s embryos implanted to support her having children. In 2004, Dr. Tinina Cade, (current age 69) from Richmond, Virginia, decided to carry her daughter’s triplets (current age 14) when she watched her undergoing six failed rounds of IVF.

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According to Dr. Camille Hammond, Cade’s daughter, she views her mom as her only hero. Camille was suffering from endometriosis and tried to develop it with her husband Jason however, failed even after trying procedures.

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It was then that her mother, Tinina offered to help carry life for the pair, which surprisingly became babies when all three embryos developed.

In 1993, Camille was first diagnosed with endometriosis. (It is an ailment in which tissue that generally lines the inside of your uterus – the endometrium – grows outside of the uterus, which affects fertility.

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Despite the pregnancy difficulties faced by Tinina, the triplets were born seven weeks early in December 2005. The children weighed 4lb 9oz and 3lb 12oz, and Simone weighed 4lb 10z at birth.

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The two boys names Kai and Aaron and one girl Simone weighed 4lb 9oz, 3lb 12oz, and 4lb 10z respectively at birth and whom Camille calls ‘miracle babies’

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Tinina shared, “to be a surrogate, you have to be clear about what you’re doing and why, being pregnant is a very demanding activity.” What would you do for someone you love? You’d do anything. That’s part of being a loving parent.. said, Tinina.

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Triplets are aware of her grandma carrying them and even asked one of their kindergarten friends ‘Didn’t your grandma carry you?’ To show gratitude, Camille created the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, a non-profit which aims to support families with fertility issues.



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