She’s Definitely Worth The Chase. If She Does These 12 Things Without Being Asked.


Many people would agree that there is no better feeling in the world than being in love with someone else. Some of us might have experienced the joys of being in love. That’s why most people are very sceptical about falling in love. Sometimes our search for true love can result in disappointment.

That’s why men generally assess their chances before committing to a relationship. However, below are a few signs that a girl is definitely with the chase.

(1) She is honest about her intentions and has no problem admitting that she loves you.

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(2) She’s expressive about her opinions. She wouldn’t be submissive and has no problems deciding things in the relationship often. She isn’t afraid of telling you what she wants.

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(3) She’s ambitious and wants to make a name for herself. She isn’t dependent on you and she has a life outside the relationship.

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(4) She treats you with respect and never insults your dreams. She would want to help you be a better person.

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(5) You know she’s not in it for money. She is with you because she loves you and not because, you have a stable income.

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(6) She has goals and dreams and can take care of herself.

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(7) She never becomes a barrier to your dreams. She is always supporting you and never discourages you from pursuing your dreams.

(8) She always makes an effort to make each s-xual experience memorable.

(9) You can always turn to her when you are in trouble and not feel judged. She is a great listener.

(10) She always tries to include you in her social circle. She is never embarrassed about you and proudly introduces you to her family.

(11) She never lets you down in front of others but corrects you in private when you’re wrong. She never speaks ill of you when you’re not around.

(12) She doesn’t carry any past baggage of a previous relationship. You never have to worry about her not being over an ex.


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