Showbiz Missy Elliott Pays For A Stranger’s Dream Wedding Dress Of $1300 After Seeing Emotional Story On Twitter. – Video


Missy Elliot ensures that her fan’s wedding is the best day of her life. On 17th November, Ireanna Bradshaw- A fan of Missy Elliot, shared her difficulty turning her dream wedding into reality on a social media platform.

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Ireanna tweeted that she is getting married in March moving to their place. She says she is saving money for her dream wedding but is still struggling to gather the required amount the bride to be also added that she had found her dream dress which costs around $1200.

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Irenne wants the gown for her wedding desperately, but it might not be possible for her as she is not able to gather the required fund. On Twitter, she had also uploaded several, cute and cosy snaps with her fiancé and along with a screenshot of her desired gown. One of David’s bridals this off-shoulder gown is gorgeously embroidered with floral appliques and has a slit skirt.

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While tweeting, she also expressed the overwhelming experience she had after falling in love with her fiancé. She added she never thought someone would love her so much and would want to marry her.

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She also talked about her previous insecurities about herself, but eventually, her love made her ready for love. In the post, she has also asked for financial support. Her tweet touched the “Work It” rapper so much that she not only congratulated and blessed Irenne for her new journey but also promised to pay for her dream dress.

Image Credit: Twitter: I R E A N N A

Showing gratitude to the world-known rapper, Irenne tweeted- “Omg, Thank you so much.

I am speechless”, following several weeping emojis. She also invited Missy to express her happiness. Millions loved the tweeter conversation and they showered comments and reactions on the platform.


Beyonce omg Missy! I seriously love you! So kind and always spreading positivity, You are literally an angel

Sharissa You’re the best Missy! Aren’t they two of the cutest people you’ve ever seen?

Kyra Congratulations to the beautiful couple and bless you Missy for just being you

Keyira IKR !! Missy. She always been like that, neva change. Hope they have a beautiful wedding!

Bobby Jones This is the energy we need coming into 2022. @MissyElliott you’ve been a boss and now you’re an angel

Yvette May your wedding be poured with much blessings on top of blessings! Mad love to you Missy for that!


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