Steve Harvey’s Wife Loses It After He Admits Secret He’s Kept Hidden For 9 Years – Video


Comedians are often thought of as people who could make us laugh, and this is true. Over the years, many comedians like Steve Harvey have been very successful in their industry and have been making people laugh. But in one such episode of his show, Steve admitted something that made his wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey, cry.

Image Credit: Youtube

Steve is often seen telling the world about his wife and how much he loves his family. On one of the mother’s day editions of The Steve Harvey Show, he invited Marjorie to come over on his show. He told her that he wanted her to be there to help him pay tribute to a special mother. Then in front of his audience and people watching his show at home, Steve told his wife that he had a confession to make.

Image Credit: Youtube

He then revealed that he brought Marjorie on the show to honour her on mother’s day. That’s when she realized it was his plan, and Steve went on to talk about the first time they met and said he fell in love with her when he saw first saw her. He added that he knew he was going to marry her and that she would be his wife.

Image Credit: Youtube

While the comedian admitted that he couldn’t keep his promise well in the beginning, now he loves her so much and lives every day of his life to the fullest. He also said that whatever he is today is because of his wife, and she is the reason he found a sense of peace and happiness that he never had before.


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