Struggling 72-Year-Old Elderly Woman, Raising 6 Great-Grandchildren, Receives A Special Visit From The Surprise Squad – Video


At the age of 72 when everyone expects a comfortable life, Ms. Ella, a military widow from Las Vegas, Nevada is struggling to care for her great-grandchildren and collapsing home. When she felt her parenting days were completed after raising her kids and several of her grandkids, she found herself raising her six great-grandchildren too.

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Ms. Ella’s home, however, experienced a Christmas miracle, all thanks to her best friend Alicestine Miller also known as Ms. Alice, who lives in California, never stopped caring for her best friend. Ms. Alice reached out to the Fox 5 Surprise Squad to assist a friend in need. Ms. Ella was overcome with emotions when the Surprise Squad answered the phone and astonished her at the front door.

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When the Surprise Squad enquired about her great-grandchildren, she said, “Oh Lord, they mean so much to me.” “They’re my heart.” Ms. Ella refused to tell why she had brought her great-grandchildren in only that she needed to save them.

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Ms. Alice was flown in by the Surprise Squad, and after the tears had dried, they have whisked away for a spa day. In their absence a truckload of new furniture, carpets, children’s beds, and even decorations for Christmas eve was brought by the team.

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Then the workers did some essential upgrades and maintenance. Ms. Ella’s home was brimming with new furniture, beds for the kids and gifts.

There was a $500 gift card also for each of them.

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Ms. Ella cried, “They’re going to have a fit.” When Ms. Ella’s great-granddaughter experienced the view of her revised home, she exclaimed, “It’s a tr-emendous Christmas miracle.” But that didn’t end here: Ms. Ella’s full rent was paid for the coming year, thanks to the Surprise Squad. In the video below, you can see Ms. Ella’s beautiful reaction.


Cheryl The crazy thing is, she probably STILL would’ve tried to get something for their christmas even if this didn’t happen.

She would’ve probably gone to the dollar store and stretched whatever she could to get them SOMETHING. Bless her

Kelly “they are my heart” the words of a loving, true grandma. love you grandma bless you po lagi. lots love.

Kay Such amazing women! So glad Ms. Ella’s was there for these children and Ms. Alice was watching out for all of them. These children are just beautiful! They are the sweetest and deserved every bit of this.The people involved in helping the surprise squad are just an inspiration! Thanks to all the great people out there.

Troy I love how over the top they went for Ms Ella, she has spent her long beautiful life taking care of everyone else and finally she’s going to be taken care of.

Maureen Absolutely beautiful. I’ve been c-rying the whole time. How peacefully she will sleep at night. Those kids are wonderful, respectful, articulate, faithful. She will always be loved. That is such a blessing.


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