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Teenager Raises More Than $12,000 For College After ‘Parents Cut Her Off Over Black Boyfriend’ – Video

Allie Dowdle, an 18-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee, managed to raise about €11,000 after she claimed that her parents had cut her off because she was dating a Black man. She said that her father Bill had warned her to stop meeting her boyfriend, Michael Swift.

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Allie said that she wanted to introduce him to her parents so that he could be a part of the family but her parents didn’t agree to it. She also added that her parents tried to ye-l at her, and even told her that she deserved much better. They even cut her expenses and took away her car and phone.

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Therefore she was left with nothing and couldn’t continue her education. She created a GoFundMe page where she spoke about the incident and had initially set a target of $10,000. Now the donations have crossed the target, and she raised about $14,000.

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However, Allie’s father Bill denied that the issue was about race. He said that they(he and his wife) would happily accept any man his daughter likes but chose to cut her off because she did not inform them earlier but started to date him in secret.

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In a conversation with New York Daily News, Bill said that his daughter was sp-iled, and he wanted her to go out and face the real world. Allie still held on to her claim that her parents never accepted her boyfriend only because of his skin tone. She said she would never understand how her love could be wrong just because her boyfriend is from a different race.

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She said that since her parents have made it obvious that she isn’t worthy of their time and money, she wanted help from the public. While many came out to help her, many picked on her and said that she was being ridiculous and she could always take a bus if her parents took her car away.



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