‘Tell The Truth’ Jay-z’s Al-leged Secret Son Rymir Satterthwaite Ac-cuses Rapper Of Ab-using Legal System For Eight Years To Avoid Paternity Test – And Says He Won’t Stop Fig-hting For Justice – Video


We all are aware of the fact that Jay-Z is the father of 3. Right? His three children are Rumi Carter, Sir, and Blue Ivy which he shares with Beyonce. The latest twist is that a 24-year boy named Rymir also claims to be a son of Jay-Z Rymir, a Philadelphia native, and his mom Wanda Satterthwaite assert that Jay-Z is the dad, despite the fact that Jay-lawyers Z’s have dismissed the insinuations as ” rumours.” In an interview with The Sun, Rymir stated that his quest for the reality about Jay-charge Z’s parentage has nothing to do with fame or fortune.

Instead, he asserts that all he wants is righteousness and a fair trial. Because he isn’t as rich and powerful as the hip-hop mogul, he thinks the case has been brushed aside. Is Rymir Satterthwaite Jay-Z’s son in real? All you need to learn about the father of the Rymir is right here.

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According to Rymir’s mother, she wired up with Jay-Z in 1992.

Rymir’s mother Wanda met Jay-Z in Philadelphia in 1992, according to The Sun. They then went to his Aunt’s project apartment block in Brooklyn, NY, to pair up. Wanda asserted that she and Jay-Z did not use safeguards, which led to her becoming pregnant. Wanda claimed she saw him again several weeks later but never heard from him again.

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In 2009, Rymir’s family tried contacting Jay-Z for the first time.

In a letter, his family is said to have written to the rap artist “in love.” According to The Sun, Jay-in-house Z’s lawyer contacted them to settle the issue personally. The Sun reported that Wanda and the in-house litigator discussed Rymir’s singing career, but that nothing came of it because “he had to complete his schooling.” According to Rymir’s legal guardian Lillian, things turned when “separate lawyers got involved and their mindset totally altered” after they learned of his mother’s age.

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Jay-Z has stated that he will not submit to a paternity test.

According to The Sun, Rymir’s birth certificate originally listed some other man as his dad, but he was “lawfully excluded in 2011 after a DNA sample confirmed he was not the father.” According to Wanda and Rymir, a legal plea for Jay-DNA Z’s was made and “was not processed due to procedural problems.”

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Rymir has been charged with lying in efforts to progress his music career.

When it comes to baseless claims from individuals trying to make a quick bit of cash or a title for themselves — or both — big stars like Jay-Z are easy prey. Rymir, on the other hand, is adamant that it isn’t for him either. “Everyone is looking at me like he’s chasing Jay-Z, he wants the money, he’s trying to get his 15 minutes of attention,” he told The Sun.

“For me, it’s never been about money,” Rymir told The Sun


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