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Tennessee Dad Creates Commencement Ceremony For His Daughter In Their Driveway – Video

As virtual graduations are becoming established these days, parents are coming up with creative ways to give their children the recognition they earned on their big days.

Image credits: JeremypierreFOX

A dad in Memphis Tennessee altered his pavement to honor her daughter. The proud father set up a stage, rostrum, and participants who are dressed up perfectly to honor her daughter, Gabrielle for her degree from the Xavier University of Louisiana.

Image credits: JeremypierreFOX

His arrangement attracted his neighbor who shared the graduation event on Instagram saying, “my neighbor created a graduation event for his daughter as she couldn’t have one due to the epidemic. Now that is a great father for you. He made that happen for you!”

Image credits: JeremypierreFOX

The event includes everything that official graduation would have. The program begins with a pro-cession, followed by an invocation and National anthem. After that, a welcome note, song, and commencement address are delivered. Finally, the degree was conferred ad it was followed by the recessional.

Image credits: JeremypierreFOX

Gabrielle has completed her Bachelors of Public Health Science with a Minor in Biology. She did a lot of hard work to earn the degree so her family was determined to appreciate and cheer her for all to see.

Image credits: Fox 13 Memphis

Based on the program, Gabriele is all set to achieve her dream of working for the CDC by heading into the forces.

With such supportive people around, all dreams can be achieved!



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