The 15 Biggest Secrets Men Keep From The Women They Love (And Why)


Let’s be honest. Relationships can be difficult to navigate, from obtaining acceptance from your partner’s family and friends to physical understanding and so much more. When you add in a lack of communication, you’ve got a recipe for miscommunication, emotional distress, and a complete mess. It really doesn’t have to be that way, though.

The first step is to examine how you might be adding to your relationship’s problems. What about the second? Getting a glimpse into your friend’s mind to fully comprehend what he or she is going through, even if it hasn’t been voiced.

We understand that this can be difficult. As a result, we’ve chosen to make things easier for you. We spoke to a number of men about private details they or folks they know maintain from their partners, both big and small. Take these notes with a pinch of salt and do as you implore with them. They should, however, help persuade you and your SO to talk.

(1.) Workplace and Family Conflict

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Men are frequently conceited.

They want to give the impression that everything is good and dandy when it isn’t. It’s possible that your boyfriend is doing the same thing. He may be burying this if he is facing challenges in his household, at his job, or with his pals. Check in on him to see how he’s doing outside of your relationship because it could be influencing how he deals with you and you’re not even aware of it.

(2.) Physical Attitudes Toward You

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Body image is unquestionably a sensitive topic. People lose or gain weight for a range of factors, and it can be disheartening in the age of the Instagram model. Men are cognizant of this, and in order to avoid impair your emotions, they will often keep their opinions about your physical prowess to themselves. If your body has changed since you first began dating your man, you should discuss it with him.

Or perhaps you don’t. Just please remember that you come first, regardless of how your boyfriend may feel. Love yourself and strive to be the healthiest version of yourself possible for YOU.

(3.) They’re irritated or unhappy.

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In a man’s opinion, some stuff is simply not worth arguing about. Because he doesn’t want to tussle, your boyfriend may be angry or upset and hide it from you.

(4.) They aren’t as well-balanced as they appear.

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Men, believe it or not, go through a lot of the same thoughts that women go through. The only distinction is that they do not often say so. According to Justin H., “We don’t have everything figured out yet. We’re just as apprehensive about falling in love as you are.”

(5.) Their Childhood Suffering

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If you or somebody you know has been through childhood wound, you may know why people suppress remembrances because reliving them would mean resurrecting the discomfort associated with them. Your boyfriend is the same way.

(6.) Their phone passwords or browsing history

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We all want our personal space. Men in relationships aren’t any different. Some people don’t want their important others to have direct exposure to their browsing history or phone passwords, whether they’re doing something sketchy or not. Instead, they’d prefer you to trust that they’re not being deceitful.

(7.) They’re unsure about their feelings for you.

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This is a tough one, but several men said they were uncertain where their relationships were headed. Rather than cutting things off and negatively affecting feelings, they continued the relationship to see if they could work through their conflicting emotions.

(8.) What They Did the Night Before

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Maybe he went to a strip joint or stayed out too late getting inebriated. In any particular instance, men may be reluctant to tell their partners about their previous night’s activities. But don’t go combing through his texts and emails with his password (which you figured out) to find out for yourself.

(9.) Their Relationships with People of the Opposite Gender

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It’s human nature to be envious of your partner’s friendships with other women’s friends. You might find yourself side-eyeing Emily from his primary school after noticing he “liked” her latest Instagram picture, even when there’s nothing dubious about it. As a result, men conceded to keeping friendships with women under wraps so their girlfriends don’t find out and become agitated.

(10.) The Truth About Their Financial Position

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Adulting is difficult. There are a lot of bills to pay, and you may not always have the resources to pay them all on time. So, if Sally Mae comes knocking on your door and you can’t afford to pay her, you might decide to keep it to yourself.

Why put other people in tension because of your own financial hardships? When it comes to their relationships, some men feel the same way. Some people would rather keep their money troubles to themselves rather than causing conflict with their partners.

(11.) They still have sentiments for an ex-girlfriend.

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Breakups are difficult. We know what we’re talking about. And some men are unable to let go of an old flame. It’s been said that the right approach to get over anyone is to get under someone else, and you could very well be that someone else.

Many men we spoke with said they’ve been in circumstances where they’ve dated someone just to get over an ex. He obviously doesn’t want to tell his new SO about this, so he keeps it to himself as a great secret.

(12.) What Their Friends Say About You

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While all that counts in the end is what your man believes of you, it’s natural to want his friends and relatives to approve of you. If he doesn’t have that permission, he might be reluctant to share this info with you. How uneasy would it be to hang out with his best friend Jake, knowing that Jake isn’t particularly fond of you? As a result, men don’t always tell their wives or girlfriends how their friends or family think of them.

(13.) In a previous relationship, they were dumped or cheated on.

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In a prior relationship, they were tossed or deceived. Remember how we talked about manly honour? It’s the same reason why some men don’t tell their girlfriends about their previous relationships. Confessing they’d been dumped or conned on would mean acknowledging they weren’t in charge and their present girlfriend will make fun of them.

(14.) Their Obsessions and Imaginations in the Bedroom

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Perhaps he absolutely loves your ankles. Maybe he’s been itching to try out that new toy you got him. Whatever the scenario may be, he could be harbouring fantasy scenarios about physical adventures he’d like to try with you. Communication is crucial. Talk to your dude about his interests and discuss what you enjoy as well. You never know, this could take your physical experiences to a whole new level.

(15.) They’re are physically attracted to your female friend or sibling

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Even though it sounds shady, some men have admitted being attracted to their SO’s friend or sibling, and they’ve kept the secret from others.


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