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The Heartwarming Moment A Little Girl Finds Out She’s Being Adopted On Her Birthday – Video

Every child deserves a loving and secure family it is the greatest gift that one can offer. Adoption is the means to fulfill every child’s dream of finding a home and it is the most intentional process on earth, the love in it doesn’t recognize barriers. It leaps fences, jumps hurdles, penetrates walls to reach the destination full of hope.

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Daniel Zezulka and Paige of Athens, Georgia acknowledge the concept better than most couples of their age. They have been foster parents for three children for the past three years. All the three children are under10 and they just wanted a loving and caring family. At a young age, the children had traveled a rough path, particularly their eldest daughter Ivey.

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She has always longed for the day when Paige and Daniel would officially claim her as their daughter. Paige and Daniel showered their love over the kids for the past three years. They made sure the kids get the affection they missed during their early days. Their bond became stronger day by day and it was obvious that the relationship is going to last forever.

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Finally, on Ivey’s birthday, the couples got the news that the adoption process is all set and they are ready to go. The couple decided to warp the happiness in a box and surprise her. They presented her a small box that revealed that she is going to be adopted. Paige and Daniel were eager to see Ivey’s reaction when she opens the box.

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As soon as she opens the door she asked, “I’m going to be adopted?” and then tears runs down from her eyes immediately. Daniel then comforts the little girl and whispers in her ears, “We will always be your parents and we love you, sweetheart”.

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Paige then tells her daughter, “Can you believe it? God is too good”. It was a heart warming moment and absolutely impossible to watch it with tears in your eyes. We are glad that Ivey got Paige and Daniel by her side, we are happy for the sweet family. Paige then shared the video on social media and wrote, “This will be my favorite video ever, it was the day I told my daughter that we are adopting her along with her brother and sister.

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The family went to the court on August 24th and welcomed the children into their family officially. “Adopting one child won’t change the world: But for that child, the world will change.” Adoption is an amazing way to change the world around you. We wish, the Zezulka family receives all the happiness in the world.


Stella As a grown man I’ve never cried so instantaneously in my life. GOD bless this young girl and family!

Henry I needed this. The world is so disgusting right now, seeing this makes me have faith in humanity.

David She is so sweet. Her reaction is so strong, and so contained at the same time. What a beautiful moment

Rebecca I cried almost instantly! I’m glad they found each other.

There is so much love there, it’s beyond awesome.

Novice Thank you to all the adoptive parents in this world. To surround a child in love is to give them everything in the whole wide world.

Karyn I hope she’s treated well at her new home i’m just happy someone wants her because her biological parents obviously didn’t and it takes a beautiful person to love somebody else’s child idc if you white black brown whatever

Julia I’m black women and I cry happy tears for this little angel girl and her family…when this little girl looked at her adopted parents all she sees is love for both of them.. God bless this family..i love this..



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