These 7 Types Of Guys Are Most Likely To C-heat On You


Do you fear that your actual or prospective partner will betray you at some point? You’re not the only one who thinks this way. More and more women are fearful of their men fooling them because it is unquestionably one of the worst things that can happen to them. And wouldn’t it be great if you could predict whether or not your man will sooner or later deceive you? And, lucky for you, thanks to some latest studies, we can now easily identify the types of men who are more likely to cheat on you.

There are certain cheating indicators through which you can know whether your man belongs to the very same group. These criteria are based on public persona, maturity level, priorities, and other factors, and if most of them apply to your man, you should proceed with caution before jumping into a relationship. So, here are some of the most recent revelations from Ashley Madison (a cheating dating site) and!

1. Tech Geeks

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Men who work in the IT industry are also more likely to be disloyal. Amazed? To be frank, I have a hard time believing this one because the large percentage of IT guys are loners, which implies they aren’t particularly social or extroverted – think of Mr.

Robot’s anti-social Elliot (Rami Malek). However, it is possible that spending lots of time in the virtual environment causes them to engage in disloyal activities and thus lose sight of true values.

2. If their age ends in 9

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Do you have a companion or have you recently met somebody whose age ends with the number 9. According to research, people whose ages end in 9 are more likely to cheat on their partners. As a result, the numbers 29, 39, 49, 59, and so on should be avoided. The reason for this is most likely related to the start of a new decade. They only have a year left before turning 50, and it appears that they begin to worry that they haven’t had enough fun or achieved enough shit in that decade.

3. Rock Lovers

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Even your musical preferences, believe it or not, are linked to cheating proclivities. As a result, as per the study, 41% of disloyal men also love to listen to rock music. Hmm, perhaps the complex nature of rock music impacts the hormone levels that activate the brain’s fraudulent storage area. If your guy listens to rap music, on the other hand, you can relax because rap fans are the most devoted group. You’re in luck! So, don’t forget to inquire about your man’s music tastes, as this may reveal a lot about his real character.

4. Taller Guys

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Men who are taller than 5’10” (1.8m) are twice as likely to dodge you, according to Illicit Encounters. Presumably taller men appear more appealing (as some studies have shown), or perhaps it’s simply a case of taller men having lower moral standards and relatively short men having higher.

Whichever the case may be, the next time you’re chatting with someone on apps like tinder, ask them their height and explain why you asked the question to see if they stammer and unveil their deceitful nature!

5. Guys Named Wayne

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I understand what you’re saying: Can even a name be an indication of infidelity. However, even your dude’s name can be linked to infidelity. Wayne was voted the least trusted name by 2,000 women in a poll. I’m guessing they’ve all had unpleasant experiences with guys named Wayne, and now they’re alerting other women to think twice about bringing one into their lives. Who am I to say, though? You never know until you try, so you never know who your Wayne will be.

6. A French Man

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Have you fallen in love with a Frenchman? We completely comprehend your situation. Who wouldn’t be swayed by their seductive accent? It’s difficult to keep yourself in check when it comes to French men, but you might want to do so in the future, according to brand Lelo, which claims that 75% of French people who took part in their research study publicly acknowledged scamming their partners.

7. Twitter Users

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Yes, even spending time on social media can be linked to disloyalty in relationships. Guys who spend a great deal of time posting on Twitter are more likely to be disloyal, according to a study conducted at The university of Missouri.

For the period, you might want to avoid conversation with guys on Twitter, at least until you (possibly) meet someone who will refute these assertions. Overall, pay attention to the social media platforms your man uses and the type of account he has created on them.


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