These Dads Did It: It’s Now Illegal In Nyc To Have Men’s Rooms Without Changing Tables – Video


I know a lot of parents who refuse to change diapers in public, and it’s not because they’re freaked out by baby faeces — it’s because men’s bathrooms have a t-rrible shortage of changing tables. That implies that if daddy and baby want to go out for the day, they’ll have to change a diaper on the floor, which is a nuisance.

Cleaning up faeces and u-rine is t-rrible enough, but doing it on a filthy public restroom floor? Blargh.

Image credit: Instagram/ realdontepalmer

Donte Palmer mastered his “Baby Squat” so that he could lay his baby across his legs and change a nappy no matter where he is. This isn’t a foolproof method: poo-poo and pee-pee will certainly go on your pants, but parents don’t have many alternatives in public facilities because most men’s rooms lack changing tables.

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So Donte established the #SquatForChange campaign to raise awareness about the difficulties that fathers experience when changing their children’s diapers in public. Palmer’s situation isn’t unique: there have been far too many viral tales that have gone viral because people are fed up with the dearth of babysitting options for parents.

Image credit: Instagram/ realdontepalmer

But, at least in the state of New York, it appears that all of the collective furies has finally come to a head. Building codes in New York City have been modified to require changing tables in both men’s and women’s toilets. It’s been accomplished by the fathers!

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According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, all new buildings in the city must include “safe and compliant” changing tables in toilets, and existing structures must modify their public facilities to include changing tables for stinky-diaper kids.

Irrespective of gender, at least one public toilet in each building must have a readily available changing table.

Image credit: Instagram/ realdontepalmer

“Each publicly accessible level must include at least one changing table that is accessible to both genders. Clear signage guiding the public to the nearest available changing table must be posted by building owners or managers “The Mayor’s office has made a note of it. Signs have already appeared in buildings and businesses telling visitors that changing stations are located within the rooms.

Image credit: Instagram/ realdontepalmer

The news is especially encouraging because today’s fathers have a larger role in child upbringing than any previous age. Also, installing changing stations in restrooms isn’t all that pricey.

Plastic surface-mounted devices cost $184.50 apiece and are quite easy to install. It’s encouraging to see a state like New York lead the way on this, and hopefully, others will eventually follow. No parent should have to change their child on a damp bathroom counter or a dirty bathroom floor. Who wants to be near a hand-washing station with baby faeces or pee? That’s disgusting.


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