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These Familes Bought Land To Create Safe Haven For Black People – Video

The increasing in-olerance against Blacks in America had bothered many Black citizens.

Image credits: thefreedomgeorgiainitiative

Ashley Scott too was w-rried and so decided to do something to help the Black people.

Image credit: USA Today

She along with her friend Renee Walters started the Freedome Georgia Initiative which is specifically designed for Black people to help create a safe space for them.

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In an essay she wrote for Blavity, Ashley said that the increasing att-ks against Black people had b-thered her, and so she sought help and then understood how deep-rooted the problem of rac–m is.

Image credits: thefreedomgeorgiainitiative

She said that the issue requires more effort and not just protesting.

Image credit: Essence Magazine

Ashley and her friend and investor Renee together purchased about 97 acres of land in Toomsboro, Georgia along with 19 other Black families and have created a self-sustaining community where Black people can live and sustain themselves peacefully.

Image credit: USA Today

Ashley also said that as a realtor, she used to attend city council meetings and had learned about local zoning laws all of which helped her create this unique community for the Blacks in America.

Image credits: thefreedomgeorgiainitiative

Ashley has been receiving a lot of appreciation for her work.



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