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This 11-Year Old Boy Scored Higher On His IQ Test Than Bill Gates And Albert Einstein – Video

Ramarni Wilfred, an 11-year-old from London, took a Mensa test and when the result came, he got to know that he had a higher IQ than Steven Hawking, Bill Gates, and even Albert Einstein. They all had an IQ of 160, but Ramarni earned 162 on the exam, placing him in the top 1% of the population of the United Kingdom.

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“Ramarni’s score suggests he has huge potential, and we are delighted to welcome him to Mensa,” stated John Stevenage Mensa’s chief executive. The IQ test consisted of a series of exercises that measured short attention span logical thinking, arithmetic ability, and spatial visualization among other things.

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As a youngster, Ramarni began to show symptoms of being a genius. By the time he began pre-school he could read and write, and his favourite book to read was an encyclopaedia.

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He also received an honorary prize from Oxford University for a philosophical paper on fairness he authored when he was just ten years old.

Image credit: Ramarni Wilfred (Screenshot via BBC Video/Youtube

Ramarni began being invited to private parties and had the chance to mingle with those who were believed to be exceptionally clever after br*aking new grounds with his IQ test result. Despite his brilliance, he lived quite ordinary childhood.

Image credit: Ramarni Wilfred (Screenshot via BBC Video/Youtube

His mom and he were featured by the BBC when he reached 16 years old. “It’s probably a result of my ignorance of something, and my desire to comprehend and know it as a result of that ignorance. It’s all about figuring out… what you want to study “He stated about being highly intelligent.



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