This Flight Attendant Shares How She Saved A Teenage Girl From Human Tra-ffic-king – Video


Sheila Fedrick started her day with her routine as a flight attendant at Alaska Airlines. While serving passengers aboard, she happened to notice a girl who looked tro-bled.

Image credits: Makaristos

She was seated next to a well-dressed man and was slightly sc-ared. Sheila said that the girl looked like she was about 14/15 years old.

Image credits: Shelia Frederick

In a conversation with NBC, she said that when she started to make a conversation with the little girl, the man next to her started to act defensively.

Image credits: Altair78

That’s when the flight attendant realized something was off.

She asked the little girl to use the cabin washroom and left her a small note.

Image credits: Shelia Frederick

The little girl managed to write behind the note that she needed help. Sheila immediately informed the pilot about the man, and on arrival, the man was caught by c-ps. The flight attendant received a lot of appreciation for taking action at the right time.

Image credits: Kevork Djansezian

Recently, a non-profit organization named Airline Ambassadors conducted a 2-day workshop to train attendants to figure out such cases and deal with them. However, this incident is sure to restore your faith in mankind, and believe that there are good people out there.


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