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This Woman Got Engaged And Wrong Number Texted Sarah Michelle Gellar About It – Video

Engagement is a special occasion in anyone’s life. An event like engagement is something that gets you very excited and happy. When Charlyn Willis’ boyfriend Dennis popped the question she was very excited and wanted to tell the good news to all her family and friends.

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She first wanted to inform her sister but she somehow ended up sending a picture to the wrong number. Although this should have been something embarrassing to deal with, to her surprise, the picture was sent to none other than Sarah Michelle Gellar aka Buffy the vampire slayer. That was definitely quite something but what happened next was even cuter.

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Sarah decided to make it even special and posted a picture of Charlyn flexing her ring with a very adorable note to the couple. Sarah, in her post, introduced Charlyn and said that she wanted to text her sister but ended up texting her and requested her fans to join in and congratulate the couple.

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Sarah’s fans made it even more memorable by congratulating the couple and even appreciated Sarah for her kind act. Charlyn thanked Sarah and said that Sarah and her family will also be invited to the wedding.



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