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Tiffany Haddish Donates Over 100 Suitcases To Foster Children After Sharing Her Own Childhood Experience Of Carrying Her Belongings In A Garbage Bag – Video

Tiffany Haddish, American Stand-up Comedian, is known for her eleemosynary deeds and contribution to the ‘social justice’ of necessitous people, especially children. This time she made a pensive decision to donate 100 suitcases to the Indiana Department of Child Services to be distributed among foster children. “We’ve said it before, but thank you so much, again, for your donation @TiffanyHaddish!”, the official handle of the department tweeted.

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Haddish’s decision to donate suitcases to foster children was inspired by her own memories of using garbage bags to keep her belongings, Manuel, a foster care specialist supervisor told NWI’s The Times. She has talked about her appalling experience of keeping her precious and irreplaceable bits and bobs in the trash bag.

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Every child feels down in the dumps using the trash bag for keeping their personal belongings, Manuel added. “I’ve been working in this agency for the past 18 years. All these years, I have seen children going from one home to another carrying their possessions in the trash bag. It is unfortunate that we have collectively failed to change the present state of affairs,” Manuel Continued.

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When we reached out to Haddish’s She Read Foundation, they assured us of the utmost help in whatever they can. The foundation kept its word by donating 100 luggage bags for foster children. “Often, it’s hard to buy gifts for teenagers in general. So to be able to give them something that they’re going to be tangibly using is always phenomenal and awesome Miss Haddish made that possible,” Ellis Dumas, Regional Manager at the Indiana Department of Child Services added.

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Haddish founded the She Read Foundation with an objective to create equal opportunities for foster children. “Every child deserves love, importance and appreciation for who they are. It doesn’t matter ṣwhether they have parents or not, they deserve to have a safe place to lay their head and platform to follow their dreams”, Haddish said on her website.

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Haddish’s contribution to the upliftment of foster children is worth its weight in gold. Haddish, through her She Ready Foundation, fi-ghts for the emancipation of foster children. Her exceptional benefactions had set a precedent for all people who shut their eyes to people’s misfortune.


Anne What a kind, generous and very important thing to do for these special children!

Marcie My mom grew up as a foster kid during the sadness. She was given a paper grocery store bag whenever she had to move. God bless Tiffany Haddish

Nomee BoydBeautiful. I work in kids residential, and training today we were talking about a video with a girl who had a bin liner for her belongings. How beautiful that 100 children will have a suitcase for their belongings

Lisa I had a wonderful foster mom. She would go to garage sales and buy nice use suitcase, clean them up so when she got foster kids they had a suitcase to leave with. She hated when most of us left but she didn’t have a choice. She always tried to make our stay the best she could. Love her and her family, still talk to them.

Wendy The night our granddaughter was dropped off to us by DHHS she had a small grocery bag with her belongings.

It took while but we now have guardianship and she has all that she needs.



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