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Ugandan Imam Is Suspended After Finding Out His Wife Of Two Weeks Is Actually A Man – Video

An imam from Ugandan has been suspended by his mosque after knowing his wife was actually a man. 27-year-old Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba came to know the truth when the po-lice caught his wife for ste-aling a TV from the neighborhood. Mutumba said that he hasn’t been close with his wife since the wedding as she told him that she was menstruating.

Their wedding happened two weeks before.

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Mutumba was unaware that he was marrying a man, he thought his wedding happened with a woman called Swabullah Nabukeera. They were married in December in a traditional Islamic ceremony. Her identity was revealed only when the po-lice caught her ste-aling clothes and TV from the neighborhood.

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A female officer did a body search on her, as she has presented herself as a woman and the officer came to know she was a man.

After knowing the truth Mutumba was d*vastated to speak about the incident and he needed counseling. Not only Mutumba, his friend, and colloquies were also fooled by the man.

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They were unable to notice the man’s disguise as he was wearing a hijab during their wedding. Amisi Kibunga who also works in the mosque said, “The imposter used to walk like a woman and he also had a soft and sweet voice.” Kibunga also disclosed that just four days after their wedding, Mutumba complained that his wife refuses to undress when they slept. Later the imposter told the po-lice that his real name was Richard Tumushabe and in order to st-eal the cleric’s money he disguised himself as a woman and married Mutumba.

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Sheikh Abdul Noor Kakande, a local Muslim official said that this strange and unfortunate incident is under investigation. Despite confirming he has done the marriage without knowing it was a man, the mosque officials suspended the imam. Sheikh Isa Busuulwa, the mosque’s head said that they had to suspend him as it was necessary to preserve the integrity of their faith.

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He also added that Mutumba was one among the three imams and he had worked at the mosque for four years. The cleric’s head also said that he was there at Mutumba’s wedding reception and the mosque had not participated in their celebrations. The daily monitor’s local news reporters tried reaching Mutumba several times but he was not there at his home, the neighbors told them that since the incident he has not been seen and he is receiving counseling by staying with his relatives.



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