This UPS Driver Was Promoted After Leaving The Sweetest Message For A New Mom – Video


As it is said kindness goes a long way, Dallen Harrell a 24-year-old UPS driver has been rewarded for his kind gesture during this holiday season. Earlier this month Darllen took his time to leave a caring message at a house in Roswell. Georgia while delivering packages.

Harrell was aware that the family is welcoming a new member of the family. The family has displayed a large stork lawn sign previously so when he reached the house to deliver their package containing the baby formula he paused for a moment and left a supportive message in google’s Nest doorbell camera.

He said to the camera “If this is the ‘It’s a Boy’ house …. I hope everything is going well with your baby. I also had a child recently and I just hope everything is good. May God bless your family and happy holidays.”

Jessica Kitchel, the mother of the newborn was recovering at the hospital after she had a baby on November 14 through Caesarean section. The baby was named Chancy and when she received an alert on the video message she immediately watched the 26-second clip. She told the Washington Post,” I was surprised that someone actually took his time to stop and do it moreover he was also considerate enough to remember it’s a boy house with stork”.

Jessica was touched by the video message and was desperate to thank him, so she posted the video on her Instagram page and captioned “It is really easy to focus on what isn’t going right right now with staffing storages but it is good to know that there still some great people working for us! I wish to know him and meet him in person. I hope he comes back and if he does there will be diapers waiting for him! The video was posted on December 4 and it went viral over the internet, it was viewed nearly 95k times and after a few days she heard back from a UPS representative, stating that the local authority will call her and tell the driver’s name.

After three days, Jessica got the chance to thank the kind gesture of Harrell, they talked on a call and Jessica thanked the young father for his thoughtful gesture while Harrell on the other hand explained “he simply wants to extend a little kindness to the family who is in the same phase of life with him” Harrell and Taqueria Robinson-Davidson welcomed their son Deveraux on September 16. Harrell said that he just went from his heart and he has been noticing Jessica’s baby theme decorations while driving for UPS, it was his temporary job for the holidays.

Jessica wanted to express her gratitude so he packed a care package that includes some diapers, a plush giraffe, and wipes for Harrell’s son. After five days, Harrell visited Jessica’s house and met her husband and they offered him another package as a gift. Jessica, the mother of two said “I have been anticipated meeting him in person and thank him”. Harrell’s message video caught the eyes of the people and it went viral over social media. Later, Jessica posted a story and share a link to his baby registries at Target and Buy Buy Baby in case anyone wants to help.

Since then Harrell has been getting several packages from different people. The package includes baby supplies and it was mostly from strangers. Sometimes he even ends up with 15 packages a day. He said, “Gifts have been coming in abundance especially from strangers”. Harrell has been glowing as a singer and is also known as Lghtsknn on stage.

He said he had faced several heartening moments in his life and has learned about compassion through his own experiences, he went over an open heart sur-gery when he was 13, and five years later his father’s demise. It was his mother who taught him to be kind and shake hands firmly with people. Harrell explained, “I’d give someone the shirt off my back, and the last change in my cup holder”.

Now, he and Jessica have become friends and are planning for a family meet-up to introduce their boys. Jessica said that this incident is the best example of how kindness can change lives.


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