Viral Video Of Talented Toddler Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ For Her Dad Still Touches Hearts


It is true that children build experiences for their parents in a manner that no one else can. A video shows a 17-month-old kid singing ‘Amazing Grace’ when her father requested her to confirm this. Due to a girl’s outstanding singing abilities the video has gone viral on the internet.

Image Credit: Youtube

Her wonderful voice, as well as the charming motions she makes while singing the song, are the reasons for the video’s widespread distribution on the internet. Maya, a 17-month-old girl boldly stares into the webcam when her father asks her to sing a song. The video’s most impressive feature is that she didn’t miss a single word of the song as if she’d been practicing it for a long time.

Image Credit: Youtube

She didn’t just stop here. When her father requested her to sing the ‘Alphabet Song,’ she did so without hesitation. She had some difficulties singing the ‘Alphabet Song,’ as you can see in the video but she managed to sing it considerably better than any of us. Maya is a wonderfully unique kid. Her lovely voice and innocent looks may make everyone fond of her.

Image Credit: Youtube

She also sang “You and My Sunshine,” tried counting in Spanish, and answered a few arithmetic problems. Whoaa! How is it possible to be so intelligent at the age of 17 months? Maya is a remarkable girl, and her brilliance has been lauded by everyone on the internet. Internet users are wishing her the best of luck in the future. They’re praising her for ending the video with “Goodbye” and “I Love You.” It warmed the hearts of tens of thousands of people who are showering her with blessings. May God bless the girl with a lot of joy.


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