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Watch Indiana Officer Lies On Floor With Kid Having A Bad Day

Precious Cornner-Jones, a officer from Indiana state, has been going viral after she got down on the floor to comfort a young boy who was crying. The heart-warming moment was captured in a video. Cornner-Jones came across the little boy who looked sad and dropped to the floor.

The Officer, who is also a mother of three, said that she decided to get to his level and talk to him. He then started to cry so, she wiped his tears and told him everything will be fine. Within a few minutes, the little boy was smiling again and was ready to get back on his feet.’ It was not a officer moment. It was a mother moment,’ she said.

‘As an adult sometimes, all we want is one person to stop, get on our level, and maybe wipe our tears, and kids are entitled to bad days just as us. Give them that moment to bring it together.’ Cornner-Jones told ABC News.

The story was shared by many on social media, and Cornner-Jones has been receiving a lot of positive comments applauding her for the kind act. ‘U R (sic) AWESOME! Thank GOD for your insight and bravery,’ a user commented.



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