We Found The Girl Who Danced To “Living Single’s” Theme Song And Sis Looks Good As Hell – Video


Most kids in the 90s have an emotional attachment to the tv show Living Single.

Image credit: Instagram/ yourgirllez

The show revolved around the lives of a few young people in New York juggling life, friendship, and love. The show was inspired by the famous sitcom ‘friends.’

Image credit: Instagram/ yourgirllez

One of the best parts of the show was the theme song which would be played at the beginning of the episode.

Image credit: Instagram/ yourgirllez

However, recently there has been a hunt to find the girl who choreographed the theme song.

People went crazy over her dance moves.

Image credit: Instagram/ yourgirllez

Later she was identified as Leslie ‘Big Lez’ Segar. On doing a little research, we happened to land on her Instagram handle, which is under the name @yourgirllez. She is a professional dancer who has worked with many big artists.

She currently lives in Los Angeles and is still working as a choreographer. She also said that initially the song was shot and was loved by all, and now it is tv history. She also said that she loved dancing and never missed a chance to flex her dance moves.

Image credit: Instagram/ yourgirllez

On being asked about her perfect skin, she said that she was blessed with them from birth and also said that she drinks a lot of water.


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