What Everyone Can Learn From This Girl’s Assumption That a Stranger Was Royalty


Very often, we come across incidents that make us go “aww.” This adorable incident where a young girl thought a stranger was a real princess is sure to make your heart melt. Steve White took his daughter out for dinner because it was her birthday. When they were at the restaurant, a little girl approached his daughter and gave her a big warm smile, and then she ran back to where her parents were seated.

Image credit: Evibe.in

A few minutes later, the little girl came back running to his daughter again but this time, she was accompanied by her father. She was resting her face on her dad’s shoulders, and eventually, he tapped her shoulder and told Steve that his daughter thought Steve’s daughter was a real-life princess. The little girl wanted to hug her but was too shy to ask her so her dad told Steve about the same.

Image credit: Facebook

On hearing that, Steve’s daughter was more than happy and gave the little girl a very big and warm hug. The moment was filled with happiness and laughter. Steve took to social media to share about the incident and said that the little girl saw a princess. Not a black or white princess but just a princess and added that kids are born with hate in them but are taught to.

Image credit: KD Country


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