When She Was ‘on The Verge Of Tears’ This Mom’s Offered Help. Story Of Strangers’ Kindness Illustrates How It Truly ‘Takes A Village.’ – Video


A Texas mother discovered the hard way that traveling alone with two minor boys is impossible, but she was filled with thankfulness when three strangers rushed to her aid. Becca Kinsey, 31, of Dallas, said she was ‘on the point of tears’ while trying to get her two-year-old son Wyatt and five-year-old son James through airport security and onto an aircraft last week.

But every time she was about to lose it, a nice stranger would come to her rescue, allowing her to cut in line, lifting her bags, or even hugging her youngest son to keep him calm during the journey.

Image credit: Becca Kinsey/Facebook

Becca’s trip was posted on social networking sites on December 7 and her story has been shared over 115,000 times since then. The mother-of-two recounted her trip saying she assumed she’d be fine taking her children on a plane without her husband Blake, but she underestimated how restless they’d be. ‘I was on the verge of a bre*kdown because Wyatt was yelling and James was fatigued as we stood in line in security,’ she wrote. ‘Out of nowhere, one mother interrupts the security line and shouts, “Here, step in front of me!” “I know how you feel!”

Image credit: Becca Kinsey/facebook

‘The second woman takes everything and assists me get stuff through security,’ Becca continued, ‘and on top of that, she collects everything and brings us to the gate to make sure we get on the aircraft.’ Becca got everything in one place by the time she boarded the plane, but the turmoil didn’t end there. As they soared into the air, her youngest, clearly startled or confused by the jet taking off, began yelling again.

Image credit: facebook

‘At takeoff, Wyatt begins to cry before finally falling asleep,’ said the pilot. Becca penned an essay. ‘After about 45 minutes, this angel [pointing finger emojis] comes to the back and says, ‘You seem like you really need a break,’ and holds Wyatt for the remainder of the flight AND walks him all the way to luggage claim, passes him to Blake, embraces me, and says, “Merry Christmas!!”

Image credit: Becca Kinsey/facebook

Becca also provided a snapshot of the mother sitting across the aisle with her youngest child in her lap, who appears to be pretty content. Becca has been asking others to pay it forward by contributing to Kidd’s Kids, a programme for families of children with life-thre-atening or life-altering dis-eases, since her post hit the internet.


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