Woman Gives Birth To Twins With Two Dads, DNA Test Confirms Affair – Video


Cheating is not a great thing that one should practice. What if a woman gets pregnant while she is married to another man? Well, it is not new, it actually happened. A woman from Xiamen City, China, must have never thought what her affair would lead to. The lady unintentionally got pregnant not only with her lover but also with her husband at the same time.

According to a Chinese newspaper, the woman had no idea that each one of her twins was fathered by a different man. It became clear when she gave birth to the babies. And the worst part is the woman’s husband found the difference between the twins as soon as they came into life. He said that they had different noses, eyes, and mouths.

Out of a predicament, her husband chose to go for a DNA test to find out the reality.

According to the Chinese newspaper, after the couple welcomed their kids, they went to a local po-lice station to register the birth of their two sons. Parents are expected to submit evidence that the children are theirs.

After a paternity test was given, the results showed that the man (who is going by the alias Xiaolong) had no biological connections to one of the babies.

It was time for the mother of twins to speak the truth about the one-night stand she had during her marriage.

According to the Chinese newspaper, a director of the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Center, Ms. Zhang informed them that, “the woman denied cheating on her husband and insisted he had falsified the results of the paternity test. She later disclosed to her husband that she had a one-night stand with another man.”

After finding out the truth, her husband wasn’t ready to raise the other baby which wasn’t his.

When the babies were born, Xiaolong was nervous since he continuesly didn’t believe one of the babies looked like the couple and believed that the twins didn’t look synonymous, which is to be anticipated because they are fraternal twins. When he found the truth that one of the babies wasn’t his. The Chinese newspaper published that “Xiaolong was more than willing to raise his child, but not the one his wife had with her lover.”

It appears unique, but incidents like this one have happened in the past.

Incidents like this one have happened in the past but it is a rare case, called heteropaternal superfecundation. Here is how it just happened, the woman would most likely have interc-ourse with two different men within a day before or after ovulation. At the same time, if a female releases two eggs, then both of them would be fertilized. Superfecundation is so rare that according to The Guardian, one verdict put the probability of it occurring at only 1 in 13,000 pairs of fraternal twins.


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