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‘Our Story Is Beautiful But Ra-cism Is Woven Into It’. ‘I Called The Midwife At 4 A.m. She Came In And Immediately Asked, ‘where Is He From?’ She Pointed At My Husband.’

Morgan Darkwa, grew up living a white privileged life and attended a private school. She lived in an area dominated by white middle-class families. She first met her future husband Emmanuel in the church when he came up to talk to her. She was taken aback and kept thinking to herself, ‘WOW, this guy is so H-OT!’ They eventually fell in love and started dating.

Morgan admired so much about Emmanuel. She says she loved cultures and always wanted to marry someone from a different culture so that they could celebrate the differences. Growing up, Morgan never had an idea of what ra-cism looked like until she told about Emmanuel to one of her friends.

As she pulled out her phone to show her friend a picture of him, her friend asked if he was poor or lived in a mud hut. Morgan was sh-ocked and defended her man. The couple dated for two years before Emmanuel went down on his knees and proposed to her. Morgan says,” It was one of the best nights of my life. Emmanuel drove me to a lookout where you could view all of Auckland City.

We got out of the car and walked in front of the car lights so the photographer could capture photos of him proposing. He then took me to this restaurant to celebrate. It was a special restaurant to us as it was the first one, he took me to when we first started dating.”

However, one moment from that night made her feel not very good. The waiter carefully placed the menu in front of her and slammed the menu down in front of her fiancé. They got married on 2nd February 2018, and Morgan says that the day was just perfect. The wedding had both their cultures included and she says that was one day they cherish forever

In 2018, they flew to Togo to surprise Emmanuel’s grandmother for her 80th birthday, and that was the first time Morgan met his family in Ghana. Although they interacted as a family one could have seen the differences since Emanuel, was raised in New Zealand.

They gave birth to their first daughter in May 2020. Her name is Shiloh Afiwa. They made sure they incorporated Emmanuel’s culture into her name. After their daughter was born, Morgan went to a birthing centre so that they could teach her how to br-eastfeed. One day, she called a midwife at 4 a.m. to come in and help her. When she came in, the first question she asked was where they are from.

Morgan responded saying ‘Uh, Auckland.’ The midwife then pointed towards Emmanuel and asked ‘where are you from?’ making it very obvious that she was indicating his skin tone.

Morgan says that she wants her daughter Shiloh to grow up, have a voice of her own, and be able to stand up for herself. She further adds, “Our love story is beautiful, but ra-cism is woven into it. My duty is to learn, listen and respect how my husband feels in these situations.”



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