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Disabled Woman Nervously Shares Her Photos And Twitter Falls In Love With Her – Video

Internet is one place where you can express yourself freely without any restrictions. Ironically it is also the one place where people are sc-ared of showing their true selves because they fear that they will be judged.

Image credit: Instagram | @nilamorton

Although sometimes the internet is not a nice place to be, some incidents will help you fall in love with it even more.

Image credit: Instagram | @nilamorton

This is one such story of a woman from South Carolina named Nila Morton, who hesitantly posted a picture of hers on Twitter but turns out, people were in love with her picture.

Image credit: Instagram | @nilamorton

Morton was born with a condition called Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, which made her confined to a wheelchair.

Image credit: Instagram | @nilamorton

So Morton never really posted any pictures of hers on social media because she thought people might laugh at her condition.

But this time, when she dressed up, Morton thought she would post it on Twitter and did so but she was slightly nervous about the reaction.

Image credit: Instagram | @nilamorton

To her surprise, the pictures went viral, and everyone loved them and called her pretty. Morton was overwhelmed with the positive responses and said that she aspires to be a model someday.

Image credit: Instagram | @nilamorton

She also said that she considers her wheelchair as her crown, and that’s where she gets her confidence from. She said that she wants to be a model and prove that your disability cannot stop you from doing what you want and like.



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