Black Woman All-egedly Told By Doctors Her Baby D-ied During Birth, Discovers Years Later Her Baby May Have Been Given To Wh-ite Family.


There’s nothing more disheartening for a parent than to realize they have lost their child. But this one family from Minnesota said that they somehow endured that pain only to realize a truth even more sad. The family said that the hospital authorities had informed them that their child had lost its life, while the truth was that the child was adopted out to another family.

The mother of the child, Damea Morris, started a GoFundMe campaign which is now inactive saying she wanted legal support. She said she wasn’t aware of the fact that she was with a child and happened to deliver a child to the toilet.

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Damea and the father of the child, who lived across the street, ran to seek help and a lady came forward to assist them. The woman told Damea that her baby wasn’t breathing and rushed the child to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where she was informed that her baby – RaeLa Adams, had lost her life. Damea now thinks her baby must be alive but might have been adopted by another family. Damea said that since she didn’t receive any parental care, she was in shock, but the paramedics had cut the umbilical cord, and she even heard RaeLa cry.

She claims she was separated from her baby when she and her toddler were taken to the hospital in different ambulances.

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Damea said Newsner that watching her baby fall into the washroom was enough that she didn’t want to see any more of her baby suffering in agony, and she blamed herself for everything. Damea also said that she never received any demise certificate. She wasn’t the only one who was told this story. The woman who helped her in her home came to visit her in the hospital. When she learned the news, she consoled her. Damea was also consoled by a nurse who allegedly said she wished she could have done more to save the baby.

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Recently Damea was getting all her children’s documents ready, and that’s when she realized she was never given Raela’s certificate. On approaching, she found that there was no certificate made for RaeLa. When she sought legal help, she was told that she had an open adoption. Damea believes that Joanna and Jake Lentner’s adopted daughter may be RaeLa. When she checked up, she found Joanna’s profile picture where one of their adopted children looks like Damea.

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She said the couple took the baby home, the same day she gave birth. When she tried reaching out to them through their social media accounts, all the accounts were deleted. The fact that the family has gone into hiding after the news broke out has added to the suspicions. Damea said that she wants to find ways to get her child back. She said that although her conditions are not great, she doesn’t deserve to be separated from her child. We hope Damea gets back her child and the hospital authorities are booked for malpractice.


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