Woman Wears Co-ndom On Legs To Prove Men Wrong When They Say It ‘Won’t Fit’ – Video


“While working in an adult store it was very hard not to laugh at men who said this.” When you think about it is complete lunacy as men go on giving abundance of excuses just not to wear something that could save several people from anguish. Protection can prove you are a responsible man to your partners and at the same time, it can also save lives and avoid unwanted pregnancy.

It always sounds like only women actively prefer to stay away from unwanted pregnancies.

Image credit: TikTok/ theel_inloser

The plethora of excuses made of men on using protection made a woman take a step forward to prove all their excuses wrong. She showed men any excuses regarding the size would not fly by wearing it on her leg. Hilariously one man tried to shield the discomfort with “it’s about the girth, not the length.” However, we all know that no man can be out there with anything bigger than her leg.

Image credit: TikTok/ theel_inloser

With the women’s demonstration, several other women approached her clapping their hands, one woman said, “It was very hard not to laugh when men say this while I was working in an adult store.” Another woman said, “The incorrect size can go from loose to painful – but these days we have companies like Myone custom protections and with the availability of abundant standard choices there stands no excuses.”

Image credit: TikTok/ theel_inloser

But seriously, this is something that would provide women the confidence to stand by their morals and principles, “thank you for demonstrating this, you have educated the little girls because we all have come across this lie.” Next time when a man makes an excuse that it won’t fit or it’s too tight, you can prove them wrong by making them wear it on their leg.


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