Woman Who Said She Gave Birth To 10 Babies At Once Was Lying, Inquiry Finds


Recently a woman named Gosiame Thamara Sithole gained highlight after a news site Pretoria News claimed that the 37-year-old gave birth to ten kids at once at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa. The news was first reported by a journalist named Piet Rampedi. The news article read that Thamara and her husband lived in Gauteng province, near Johannesburg in South Africa.

The couple was said to have been surprised after giving birth to decuplets because scans showed that Thamara was pregnant with eight kids.

Image Credit: Today show

You wouldn’t hear stories about someone giving birth to decuplets every day, so the incident gained worldwide recognition. The news article also said that Thamara gave birth to seven boys and three girls. In an interview with Pretoria News, Thamara said that the pregnancy was very tough, and she just prayed for God to help her deliver all her kids alive and healthy. According to BBC, they received donations worth $70,000.

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When the news about Thamara’s ten children known as Tembisa 10, came out, it did not mention the name of the hospital, where the kids were born. The Gauteng Provincial Government did verification and found that there were no hospitals where ten kids were delivered. On further investigation, it was found that Thamara had not been pregnant recently, nor had she given birth. The journalist who had written the story came back with a follow-up piece on the same story.

Image Credit: BBC

He said that the claims of the local government were not true and that the news agency would stay by their initial story. After reading the follow-up article, the authorities filed legal action against the journalist for trying to lower the reputation of the hospital and the local government. Later the journalist came out and issued an apology and said that he regretted that the story had received so much attention. He said that Thamara and he used to go to the same church, and when she told him that she was expecting eight children, the pictures of her huge belly made him believe that she was giving birth to decuplets.

Image Credit: BBC

He also added that Thamara and her husband sent him a text message saying they gave birth to decuplets, and he didn’t find a reason for the couple to l-ie to him, so he did not do any investigation before publishing the news. We hope that Thamara gets all the help she needs. Stories like these spread very quickly. Therefore we need to ascertain the facts before publishing anything for the world to read.


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