World’s ‘First Pregnant Man’ Is Back In The Shape After Giving Birth To His 3rd Child


Thomas Beatie, born as a woman named Tracy Lagondinoback created history by becoming the first man to give birth to not one child but three. Thomas was born a female, but he always wanted to be a man, and when he was 20 years old, he started taking growth hormone injections to minimize his organs and make his facial hair more visible.

He even got his br-easts removed but kept his female reproductive organ. Thomas gave birth to his first child Susan and later gave birth to two more kids with his first wife, Nancy Beatie.

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They got separated, and Thomas found love in Amber Bestie, whom he later married. Amber work at the daycare his children used to attend, and together they welcomed another child whom Amber gave birth to. Pictures of Thomas showing his huge belly went viral, and it got him a lot of attention.

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In a conversation with TODAY Health, Thomas said that when his story came out, it was an eye opener since many people had not heard of such a thing before. His story fetched him invitations to many tv shows and interviews, and he even wrote a book titled ‘Labor of love.’ He said that it all happened quickly, and he has no regrets.

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Thomas, who works as a stockbroker lives with his family in Phoenix. His older children split their free time equally between him and their mother. He spends his free time with his family, swimming, playing chess, and trying new recipes. He said that things haven’t always been smooth for him and that people used to laugh at him. He also revealed that Barbara Walters termed his pregnancy pictures as ‘disarrange’, which hurt him.

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Trystan Reese, a trans advocate based out of Oregon, said that culture change takes time and one can’t expect the society to suddenly change and that he was not very sure about Thomas wanting to share his story with the world since it would evoke mixed reactions. Thomas advocates for the equality movement, and he said that although things have slightly started to change, there is still a long way to go and that many people are still stuck trying to bring their true identity out.

Thomas said that being tran-sgender shouldn’t be a hindrance for one to enjoy their rights of having a family or giving birth. Every human is entitled to have a happy family and be respected for their choice.


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